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Examples of the solutions we deliver to our clients


  • SmartParts

    An integrated inventory, repair and shopfloor management system used in dozens of service centers throughout the US. This system enabled a national retail chain to implement reverse logistics throughout their supply chain for consumer electronics.

    This system was originally developed and deployed by MWare directly and in the last few years has been successfully transitioned with MWare's support to a larger team directed by the chain's IT management. 

  • Event Management and Fundraising Tools

    This system is at the heart of a fundraising powerhouse that has raised more money for its designated charity than any other sports-activity event in the country. MWare has provided multiple front-end as well as back-end systems for the organization over the last 25 years and continues to maintain, develop and support these systems.

  • Express Replacement

    This customer-facing service portal for a national electronics retail chain provides automated orders for replacement smartphones under contract.  The site handles hundreds of orders a day to return, diagnose, repair, charge for and ship replacement devices. With a variety of communications required with customers and vendors of various types, this is a system with numerous integrations.

  • Qwik-Pay

    This mobile app provides the ability for a property manager to dispatch service providers such as landscapers and snow plows to service properties, capturing pictures for confirmation of service rendered as well as to document additional services that may be required. Online verification of the work performed allows the property manager to quickly pay for the services resulting in satisfied vendors and highly efficient operations.

Sample Integrations

Most system implementations call for plenty of integrations to RESTful APIs and microservices of related systems. In addition, there are usually a few third-party integrations such as these:

  • Facebook Fundraiser

    Using the Facebook Fundraiser API to connect fundraising events with participants' Facebook communities makes it easy to solicit Facebook friends to donate and quickly aids in fulfilling fundraising goals.

  • ApplePay

    Integrating ApplePay with fundraising systems gives donors and event participants a convenient and strongly preferred method of registering for events, making purchases and completing donations.

  • Strava

    Strava is a premier app for tracking cycling data.  Integrating Strava mobile client apps with our client's cycling event management allows friends and family as well as the community to view routes, speeds and photos of participants in these fundraising sports events.   

  • Hubspot Database

    Hubspot offers an excellent CMS (Content Management System) which has enabled our client to make practically all of the content additions and changes to their very active web site without involving us.  When they need help, we're there for them but the routine updates are all up to them.

  • SendGrid API

    Twilio's SendGrid is a best-of-breed service for sending large volumes of emails with high delivery rates and excellent protection of clients' email domain reputations. Sophisticated dashboard features and excellent support make SendGrid a key element of our clients' targeted communications framework. 

  • Amazon S3

    S3 is an easily secured and highly scalable service for a variety of integrations and functions including client push notifications on iOS devices.

  • Apple

    Apple offers considerable integration opportunities to the companies that repair and service their devices. We have integrated their GSX system with our client's repair facilities for warranty inquiries and order status checks to aid in seamless service delivery to Apple's customers.

  • UPS Shipping

    We have implemented full shipping integrations as well as Quantum View for reporting/status updates. We have integrated with UPS from a variety of systems including full shipping controls, notifications and package tracking.

  • Credit Card Processing

    MWare has integrated numerous systems with credit card processing services from the likes of CyberSource, CoCard, PayPal, iTransact and others while adhering to PCI compliance requirements.

  • Google Firebase

    For sending notifications to devices about donations made on behalf of the device user.

  • Mitek

    Mitek provides a mobile remote deposit capture (mRDC) solution that enables our client's fundraisers to deposit checks from their donors using their phones. This completely avoids the need for our client to handle the check or do any associated data entry. 

  • QuickBooks/QODBC

    A major fundraising system that collects donations, event registrations and various other forms of income was required to post all of this data to the General Ledger in QuickBooks. We developed an integration to post this activity to hundreds of income and asset accounts on a daily basis resulting in significant time savings as well as daily reconciliation of accounts.  


Security is a never-ending concern in today's globally-connected world. With a zero-trust approach, we ensure your applications and data are safe and built to sound alarms on any attempted intrusions.

Agile Development

MWare engineers are capable and fluent in a variety of Agile methodologies, from Scrum to Kanban, depending on your management strategy. If your management requires Agile development practices, we are willing and able to participate.

We Listen

As much as our technical expertise will benefit your organization, our top skill is being able to listen to your vision, ideas and concerns, document them and use them to direct the course of our engagement.