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Data Integration

Data Integration with Blackbaud's The Raisers Edge

MWare's ECtoRE interface lets you integrate Event Control directly into Blackbaud's The Raisers Edge (RE) donor management system. This enables EC administrators to easily process gifts while avoiding duplication of effort and preventing the duplication of donors, participants, sponsors, registration fees and gifts in both systems.

In EC Financial Processing, "whitemail gifts and fees (those received by lockbox or other offline sources) may be quickly entered into EC. Both online and whitemail gifts can then be automatically collected in batches based on campaign or event, Payment Type and Gift Date ranges. Once batches have been posted, they are ready for loading into RE.

  • Synchronizes all RE Constituent records in EC enabling the automatic lookup of Constituents during gift entry. Constituents involved in online fundraising are uniquely identified and their fundraising activities can be accessed in both RE and EC.
  • Creates new Constituents in RE. ECtoRE performs robust duplicate checking and associates EC campaign donors, event participants and sponsors with RE constituent records. When a match is not found, ECtoRE creates a new constituent record into RE. This insures data integrity and confidence in the event-related data found in any RE database that is synchronized with EC.
  • Updates address, phone and email addresses in RE. ECtoRE creates and updates an "Event Address address record in RE for this constituent. This includes phone and email addresses from EC.
  • Optionally populates the RE Events Module. Participant records are created for the RE Events that correspond to the EC events. Participant Attributes are created (for T-Shirt Size, Team Name, etc.), Registration Fees are totaled (including fees for children, spouses) and summarized on the RE Event Registration tab. Children, both fundraising and non-fundraising, are shown in RE as Guests of the Parents that registered them, easing sponsorship research.
  • Presents all campaign and event fundraising in EC . All gifts (online and offline) credited to your campaign or event participants are available to them to view, sort, filter and download through EC. All gifts are applied to the participants fundraising totals in EC with dynamic updating of their online sponsor list and "funds raised thermometer.
  • Creates Gift Attributes. Gifts attributes are created for the EC Batch #, the Team to which gift is credited, and other attributes are easily added. This enables gift processors and fundraising coordinators to use specific-attribute queries in RE to easily filter and view just those gifts of interest.
  • Maps to Campaigns, Funds and Appeals. EC can be configured to map all participants, fees, participant-sponsoring gifts and event-sponsoring gift to the Campaigns, Funds and Appeals you have set up in RE. This permits users across all affiliates to process fees and gifts from multiple concurrent events.
  • Makes data management efficient. The day-to-day processing of gifts through EC and in RE can be handled by anyone familiar with RE gift processing and your organizations business rules. Synchronization can be formed once a day or as many times as need to process newly-posted batches.
  • Handles all campaign and event types. ECtoRE can handle anything from an annual or capital campaign, Participant event (e.g., a Marathon) to Ticket events and Golf tourneys.
  • Easily configured to adhere to your business rules. Every organization is different and RE is a very powerful donor management system. EC and ECtoRE can be modified to fit whatever business rules you have in place to insure the records loaded in RE follow these rules and policies.
  • Presents Batch Summary and Index Reports. ECtoRE presents the results of its synchronization operations in an easily-referenced set of HTML pages on your network.
  • ECtoRE does not require the RE API or any additional software to be loaded on the client. It simply requires access to a network drive where the software and data files are stored and standard https access to the Event Control server.